Why Every Attorney Should Consider An Attorney Marketing Company

4 July 2017
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Attorneys work in various sub-specialties. This means that they sometimes get contacted by clients they have to refer elsewhere. Even general attorneys may have clients who request their services that they need to refer elsewhere. Perhaps you are an attorney who has felt as though you have wasted time answering phone calls for clients who need an attorney in a different specialty. You may have also consulted with potential clients and later discovered that they did not want representation. The following points will help you to understand how an attorney marketing company can benefit you.

Targeted Leads

A marketing company can ensure that your online presence makes it clear to potential clients the type of cases you handle. This can save you and individuals who are looking for legal services time. A number of things can be added to your site to aid in ensuring that you have quality leads. For example, the marketing company may suggest adding a contact form or a chat option. This can aid in capturing contact information and basic case information from site visitors. You can follow-up with those leads at your earliest convenience. However, some marketing companies offer follow-up calls as part of their services. This means that the leads you receive would be considered as pre-qualified before you contact them. 


If you are a busy attorney, you likely do not have the time to get involved with your own marketing. However, marketing is necessary if you want your business to grow. Hiring an attorney marketing company will ensure that you are able to keep a caseload that keeps your firm profitable. Even if you are not a busy attorney, your job in legal services requires focus. Outsourcing your marketing will allow you to stay focused on your core responsibilities. 

Site Optimization

Many websites today are not optimized. Some of them are also outdated or difficult to navigate and contain broken links. These are things that can cause websites to rank poorly in search engines. If it is difficult for clients to find you, it could result in lost business. A law firm marketing company can identify problems with your website and help it to rank higher in local searches. 

A law firm marketing company is a good resource to use for your online marketing efforts. Even if you advertise offline for your firm, you will likely not be able to reach as broad of an audience as you can with online marketing. This is because today's consumers rely on web searches and other online options to locate services. If you do not have an online presence, you may lose business to competitors who do.