4 Features Your Digital Marketing Company Should Have

28 April 2017
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Whether you do business online, offline, or both, hiring a digital marketing company like E3 Local is an excellent way to attract new customers and keep current ones coming back. Here are a few features your new marketing agency should offer: Social Influencing One of the most important things your digital marketing company should be able to do for you is create a reputable social persona that influences your current and potential customers to trust in your brand and start or continue buying your products or services. Read More 

Marketing Tips To Help Grow Your Law Firm

10 April 2017
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Growing your law firm will require you to have a fairly steady stream of new clients. However, it is a common issue for lawyers to be fairly uninformed and inexperienced when it comes to marketing their services. To give your small law firm a competitive edge, you will want to understand some basic legal marketing tips. Track The Performance Of Your Advertisements When first launching a marketing campaign for your firm, it can be tempting to simply purchase newspaper, radio, or television advertisements and assume the job is done. Read More 

Websites For Doctors: Reasons Why You Should Have Someone Build It For You

22 March 2017
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As a doctor, your schedule is maddening. When you finally get a break, all you want is sleep. When someone asks you about a website, you hem and haw because you probably do not have time for that. Building websites for doctors is something online marketers and graphic designers can do, and here are some reasons why you should hire them. Time For doctors, this is a major factor for everything. Read More 

Mobile Promotion Solutions: 3 Ways Custom Texts Can Help Your Business

13 October 2016
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There is no better way to connect with your clients than through texting. Approximately 92% of American adults own and use some type of a mobile phone. Encourage your clients to subscribe to text updates from your company in order to further promote your business. This form of text advertising can be managed through various advertising firms that offer mobile promotion solutions. If you're still on the fence regarding how these services can help, take a quick look at the following three ways that custom texts can help your business out. Read More 

Five Sure Fire Ways To Boost Traffic To Your Business Website

15 December 2015
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"If you build it, they will come," only works in the movies. In real life, it takes more than building a flashy new website and getting your business online to draw in new customers. Populating your site with high quality content that engages readers and keeps them coming back is one way to improve your business. If you are looking for ways to increase the traffic to your business site and convert them to paying customers, you will need to get involved with social media, too. Read More