Marketing Tips To Help Grow Your Law Firm

10 April 2017
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Growing your law firm will require you to have a fairly steady stream of new clients. However, it is a common issue for lawyers to be fairly uninformed and inexperienced when it comes to marketing their services. To give your small law firm a competitive edge, you will want to understand some basic legal marketing tips.

Track The Performance Of Your Advertisements

When first launching a marketing campaign for your firm, it can be tempting to simply purchase newspaper, radio, or television advertisements and assume the job is done. However, these ad spots can be rather expensive, and you will need to ensure that your law firm is getting a healthy return on this investment. To help you track the performance of your advertisements, it is important to provide a system that will let you know which ad was responsible for each new client. An easy way of doing this is to use a different phone number for each advertisement so that you can quickly measure the interest that it is generating.

Create A Follow-Up System For Prospective Clients That Have Reached Out To You

It is common for prospective clients to reach out to law firms when they are in the early stages of deciding whether to pursue legal action. While it is common practice for free consultations to be provided, many law firms do not employ a follow-up system with those that have reached out to them. Making sure that each prospective client receives a follow-up call or letter can seem like a daunting challenge for a small or medium-sized law firm. However, if you keep a central log of each prospective client that has contacted your firm, it will be easier for your staff to know who is still needing to be contacted. The simple act of reaching out to clients that have already shown an interest in your services may be an easy way to increase the bottom line of your law firm.

Provide Educational Resources To Prospective Clients

The internet can be a great source of new clients, but lawyers often struggle with getting the most out of their websites. Often, these professionals may be unsure of the type of information and blog posts that should be included on their website. To this end, filling your website with educational materials can be a great way of encouraging potential clients to regularly visit your website when they are having problems. In the event that your website does not have the information they need or advised taking legal action, these individuals may be more likely to reach out to your firm first.

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