Websites For Doctors: Reasons Why You Should Have Someone Build It For You

22 March 2017
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As a doctor, your schedule is maddening. When you finally get a break, all you want is sleep. When someone asks you about a website, you hem and haw because you probably do not have time for that. Building websites for doctors is something online marketers and graphic designers can do, and here are some reasons why you should hire them.


For doctors, this is a major factor for everything. There is no way you can build your own website, write blogs, and maintain the site daily or weekly. That is more work than you can handle. Paying a company to do it for you can remove that feeling of guilt about not having a website, or not having one that is properly updated.

Graphic Design

Unless you are a plastic surgeon, aesthetics may not be in your skill set. That said, trying to design your own site, even with templates, could leave you with quite a hodge-podge of colors and graphics. It may not come out looking very professional, and that is what you really want. 


Symbolism actually speaks quite loudly when you are looking at a web site. For instance, many doctors use the caduceus on their pages so that visitors know they are on doctors' sites and not just on random health pages. There are lots of other symbols and pictures you could use that would speak volumes to page visitors, but these symbols and pictures are entirely up to you and the branch of medicine you practice. Choosing the right ones, and choosing the correct placement on your website, is just as important as the symbols and pictures you choose.


Humble people have problems with self-promotion. Since your website is about you, your practice, your education, your treatments and therapies, etc., you may get stuck talking about yourself. Worse yet, you may not be able to write about yourself in a way that clearly states all of the vital stats about you. Do not feel bad; self-promotion does not come easily to everyone. If you list what you want included in your bio and webpages for text, then the person(s) building your website should be able to do some nice write-ups for you and insert them in ideal locations on your pages.

You may also hire a professional writer to write for you. He/she could write everything from your bio to your blog posts, if you so desire. Whatever he/she writes, you could hand off to the web designer and have it positioned in the webpage. Read more for further info on this subject.