Mobile Promotion Solutions: 3 Ways Custom Texts Can Help Your Business

13 October 2016
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There is no better way to connect with your clients than through texting. Approximately 92% of American adults own and use some type of a mobile phone. Encourage your clients to subscribe to text updates from your company in order to further promote your business. This form of text advertising can be managed through various advertising firms that offer mobile promotion solutions. If you're still on the fence regarding how these services can help, take a quick look at the following three ways that custom texts can help your business out.

Notify Clients of New Inventory

Not all of your clients will follow your website closely or take time to specifically go into your store in order to take a look at the new products you carry each season. Using mobile promotion solutions, you can send out custom text messages that notify your clients when you get new inventory. For example, if you own a clothing store, text messages will be sent to your clients when you receive a shipment of new dresses or tops. Phrase the texts in a way that basically implies that you are merely helping them stay up-to-date with the newest fashion trends.

When collecting information from clients, you might want to request that the advertising firm separate and differentiate clients based on certain features. For example, if you own a clothing store, you want to be able to distinguish which clients are males and which are females. This is because male clients might find getting text messages about the new dresses you have in stock to be annoying and irrelevant to their needs.

Offer Subscribed Clients In-Store Promotions

There's no better way to reach out to clients and keep them happy than offering them great deals and promotions. Custom text messages can be sent out to certain clients to offer them coupons that can be used to get better discounts. You can even send mass text messages out to everyone when your store has certain in-store promotions, like when everything in the store is 50% off.

When offering certain discounts and codes, you might want to link mobile phone numbers with each client's portfolio or file in your system. This way, you can offer loyal clients better discounts. For example, if someone has shopped at your store consistently within the past year, you might want to send them an online code for a better deal on products that they normally purchase. To achieve this, the firm responsible for the mobile promotion solutions will need to work closely with records that your company keeps.

Connect with Clients on Special Occasions and Events

Making your clients feel special and important is a good way of keeping them. Connecting your clients' mobile phone numbers to their consumer portfolios or having your clients provide personal information when subscribing can help you make all the difference you need. Custom text messages can be sent on special occasions like birthdays to further strengthen the relationship that your company has with all of its clients. This is also a good way to reconnect with clients that may not have visited your business recently. Remind these customers of how great the customer service at your business is.

You can even customize the texts so that they send out congratulatory text messages during certain events and occasions to clients of certain cultures. For example, the text messages may wish Chinese clients a happy Chinese New Year.


Mobile promotion solutions can really help advertise your business and keep you in touch with your clients. It's also a relatively inexpensive manner to target specific clients that might not be regularly exposed to any other advertising efforts your business makes.