Five Sure Fire Ways To Boost Traffic To Your Business Website

15 December 2015
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"If you build it, they will come," only works in the movies. In real life, it takes more than building a flashy new website and getting your business online to draw in new customers. Populating your site with high quality content that engages readers and keeps them coming back is one way to improve your business. If you are looking for ways to increase the traffic to your business site and convert them to paying customers, you will need to get involved with social media, too.

Produce High Quality Content: You've probably already heard the terms high quality content. You may be wondering exactly what that means. High quality content can be blog posts, informational articles, videos, graphic displays or any content that viewers read, watch or interact with. Some of the characteristics of high quality content include:

  • Written Content: High quality written content is free of grammatical and spelling errors, is easy-to-read, and is directly related to your site's role. For example, the posts on your business blog should relate to your business. Cute stories about the grand kids or the antics of your dog may be delightful, but if they do not further your business goals, they will not draw in new customers. Likewise, your written content should be fresh and contain information that is not easily found elsewhere.

  • Graphics and Photographs: High quality graphics and photographs should be large enough for viewers to see easily, but not so large that they take away from other aspects of your site. They should also be in clear, sharp focus with no fuzzy edges or out of focus areas. If you are not skilled in photography or graphic arts, find a professional to provide the images for you. Low-quality images are a red flag, sending the message to your viewers that you are not serious about your business image.

Keep it Original: You have probably also heard that content on your site should be original. That doesn't mean the topic of your content can't be found elsewhere. It means that you have presented the information in a new or original way and haven't simply republished someone else's ideas. For example, publishing a list of gift ideas for Christmas that contains the same items and rationale as a list found on another site is not original. Publishing a list of gift ideas for Christmas that contains your own suggestions with a unique description of each is. While the topic "gift ideas for Christmas" may be found elsewhere, your list is original because you have taken the time to make it personal or tie it to your business.

Make it Engaging: Nearly everyone has heard that content should be engaging, but it isn't always easy to determine what engaging really means. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, engaging means "very attractive or pleasing in a way that holds your attention". When it comes to content, the meaning goes a little further. It may mean content that readers can interact with, such as entering contests, sharing opinions or completing a fun quiz. It may also mean content they are likely to share with others. Engaging means content that touches the reader in some way. It grabs the reader's attention and presents information that adds value to their lives.

Get Social: People are social creatures and they love to share what's important to them. In the digital age, that means sharing via social media. Creating social media profiles for your business and sharing your content and links to your site helps you reach potential customers who might otherwise never see you site. When you provide content that is original and engaging readers are more likely to share it via social media.

Hire a Professional: Many business owners are busy attending to the day-to-day operations of their business and either don't have the time or the skills to market their own business, but that should not deter you. Hiring a writer and/or a digital marketing expert from a company like Meredith Broadcast Digital Solutions to give you hand is often worth the financial investment.

If you are serious about attracting new readers to your business website, talk to a digital marketing expert to find out what he can do for you. Most offer a range of services that may include creating the content for you or finding a writer or graphic artist who can.